Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Keeping up with the current marketing trends, we actively manage and do marketing for a large number of our clients on social media.

A rapidly growing and highly effective online marketing activity known as Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a marketing service offered by TSA Online.

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This form of digital marketing aims to increase your website traffic, add a personality to your brand, enhance your brand credibility, increase your brand’s visibility and open the door to social feedback.

Social media, as most people know by now is an online platform that allows people to share news and information as well as interact with others.

These profiles all require careful monitoring to get the best possible results.

Let us take your business to the next level at a low cost. Whether you’re a big brand or small business, we’ve got the right platform for you, take a look at what we can offer you:

Facebook Page:

  • Create a Business Facebook Page
  • Configure security features on Facebook Page
  • Configure Auto Response
  • Configure contact options i.e. website, email, phone number, WhatsApp and location.
  • Link other social media profiles.
  • Setup Page manager to manage and update.

Instagram Profile:

  • Create an Instagram Profile
  • Configure settings
  • Configure features
  • Configure contact options i.e. website, email, phone number, WhatsApp and location.
  • Configure Auto response
  • Link Facebook page.
  • Customized Bio including relevant hashtags to make your business more discoverable and add emojis to describe it visually.

We run the entire process on your behalf while keeping you fully informed throughout the journey. We manage your content and create customized adverts that make your brand tell a story creatively and effectively.

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